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signing in

by strigoi, 3593 days ago

When you sign into this site please sign in under the name of your character in Frost axe clan. If we do not recognize the name we will not allow access to the site, thank you-Strogoi

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Ventrilo Server Info.

by Voladon, 3598 days ago

port 3810

pass frostaxeclan

join the channel that fits what you are doing.

When asked for a user name and password you should leave the password blank and make a User name that is the same as your In game Name.

the server password is case sensitive so watch the caps lock.

the ip/hostname of the server is

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by strigoi, 3603 days ago

Welcome and thank you for being apart of the guild and special thanks to gruluk for making the web-site. please be active on our site with ideas, stories {sign up and tell us about your character.} Just like the guild this site will only be as good as we make it, its up to you.

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